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Dito "The Dancing Guide"

Why "The Dancing Guide"? Because, moving to the tunes of 90s performers, I get energized, and I’ll pass that energy on to you! My ultimate crush is undeniably Valery Meladze.

I’m 35 years old, and only now do I truly feel happy because I’m doing what I love!

Each of us has our roles and missions in life. My mission is to make you fall in love with Georgia, its culture, history, and mindset. You can love a person, a dog, a car, but me? I love this country!
Dito Grigorevi
3-4 hours
An Immersive Journey through the History and Traditions of the City
Discover an author-led walking tour that takes you on an immersive journey through the history and traditions of the city!

Prepare to explore the most atmospheric and photogenic locations, along with insider tips on the city’s best establishments and useful life hacks. You’ll be amazed by unique Georgian know-hows and gain insights into modern aspects of city life.

Encounter the oldest church in Tbilisi, the enchanting puppet theater with its famous tower, hidden gardens, majestic facades, the sulfur baths, and the marvel of the Glass Bridge of Peace. We’ll also venture into a quaint old courtyard, where you’ll experience life among colorful balconies and their residents.
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