Our Getaways are designed for those who prefer exploring culture through the prism of the locals and becoming community insiders, not through guided tours.

We choose places with spectacular scenery and unique neighborhoods for our guests to be involved in the community's everyday life as much as possible.

We make the most of the community at each of our locations. Local people are offered jobs, become our guides, and participate in all aspects of the guest experience.

For our guests, this is an invaluable opportunity to connect with each place and to get to know local people and their culture.
Socio Economic Impact
This is a great opportunity for local villagers to prosper and improve their lives.
We appreciate the cultural characteristics of each location. Even two neighboring villages can differ at times in traditions and lifestyle.

Our focus is supporting communities and preserving local uniqueness. We strive to ensure that our actions contribute to the continuity and prosperity of each culture.
Cultural Impact