HORIZONS is excited
to collaborate with
Travel agencies and Bespoke Tour Organizers
If your focus is on crafting authentic and carefully curated experiences for your guests, steering clear of generic excursions, and showcasing the true essence of Kakhetian culture, we’re the perfect fit for you.
open-Air Events
for 50+ guests
Whether it's weddings, corporate team-building, or birthday celebrations, if you prefer serene, natural settings over noisy, raucous parties, we've got you covered.
Yoga and Wellness Retreats
If you’re seeking a tranquil haven for a small group getaway, we offer stunning vistas, a rejuvenating sauna experience, a well-equipped kitchen for preparing nourishing meals, and a boutique-level comfort for your guests.
For corporate inquiries
download our PDF outlining what we have to offer, or simply fill out the form, and we'll be in touch soon!